Pooler Guns Inc.

Pooler Guns, Inc. opened for business at 1024 US Highway 80 West, Suite 105 in Pooler, Georgia on June 20th, 2017. We offer a variety of firearms, including handgun, rifles, shotguns, tactical weapons, hunting weapons, Class 3 weapons, classic firearms and collectible firearms. We do not stock everything, but if it is available, we can generally have it for you, in a week or less.

Pooler Guns Inc. is led by our President, Kayton Smith III, who has been in the firearms industry for around 40 years. Kayton began working in a gun shop called The Sportsman's Choice, back in 1979, while he was attending Benedictine Military School in Savannah. There he began shooting on the ROTC rifle team, and he served as the Arms Officer when he graduated in 1980.

He worked at Cranman's Sporting Goods as a Range Master, firearms salesman, and eventually Assistant Manager. He went on to work at Antique & Collector's Firearms and The Gun Shop, Inc., while serving for 20 years in the Savannah Fire Department, where he retired as a Fire Captain. Upon retiring, Kayton became a partner in The Gun Shop, Inc., until the untimely demise of his business partner, in December of 2015. Due to unexpected events, Kayton sold his shares of The Gun Shop, Inc., to the family of his business partner. He then opened Pooler Guns, Inc.

Kayton also has a United States patent on a single point side mount adapter for shotguns and is a nationally ranked rifle and pistol marksman. His current passion, is teaching his son how to shoot properly and safely. With around 40 years of experience, shooting, selling and performing minor repairs on various firearms, Kayton and his staff can help you in almost all of your recreational and home defense needs.

The staff members of Pooler Guns, Inc. are selected by Kayton, to ensure that you are getting a knowledgeable person, who will be honest with you, and not just try to sell you something.

We want to sell you the firearm(s) that most fit your needs.