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Whether you are an enthusiast who loves staying on top of your game or feel the need to stock up on ammo, buying bulk ammunition makes sense. Buying local at Pooler Guns will definitely save you on shipping considering the wave of firearms sales since the last election.

Although most ammunition will last indefinitely, it’s best to clearly mark your ammo boxes and cases with a date to remind yourself when to cycle off. If you conceal and carry then you’re most likely to find yourself at the range with frequency. That’s why we suggest you come on to see our line of target rounds.


Being One with the Gun

If you want to up your accuracy, try alternating target rounds with higher grade ammo with different grain. You’d be surprised the difference it makes when shooting holes in paper at the range.

The self-defense shooter can choose specialty rounds for daily carry, but when it comes to finding practice ammo in bulk that still performs with similar accuracy then you should condier calling us or dropping by for special pricing.

Law Enforcement Bids

Pooler Guns, welcomes being part of the bidding process for Chatham County Georgia in an effort to support our Metro Police and Chatham County Sheriff’s departments. Please click this form or call us at 912.450.9308.

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  • Kayton Smith / President
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