If you are having a firearm transferred into Pooler Guns, for delivery to you, you must begin by contacting Pooler Guns with the contact information for the seller, so that we can send them a copy of our FFL. We will need either an email address or fax number.

You make the payment arrangements with the seller. Upon the arrival of the firearm(s) at Pooler Guns, we will notify you of its arrival. At that point you come into Pooler Guns and fill out the ATF Form 4473. Upon passing the required background check, you will pay Pooler Guns the transfer fee(s).

Currently $40.00 per weapon, and $125.00 per NFA weapon.

You must be a Georgia resident or Active Duty military with PCS orders to acquire handguns or stripped receivers. If you fail to pass the background check, it is your responsibility to make arrangements pertaining to the firearm. Pooler Guns is not responsible to purchase you transferred firearm.

If you are sending out a firearm from Pooler Guns, you need to provide a copy of the FFL, where the firearm is being shipped.

We cannot ship a firearm to someone's house or business, unless they are a Federal Firearms Licensee.

 Before any firearm can be transferred, Pooler Guns needs to inspect the weapon for the following:

A. ) Ensure that it is unloaded
B. ) Obtain and catalog make, model, caliber and serial number for the Firearms Log Book
C. ) Ensure proper packaging
D. ) Make sure that the proper paperwork including our FFL are in the box for the receiving FFL
E. ) Make correct estimate for shipping insurance

Pooler Guns currently charges $40.00 per weapon, plus actual freight and insurance costs. Shipping is usually USPS or FedEx, but UPS can be arranged.

Person to person transfers (third party sales) are done for the current transfer fees. Both parties come into Pooler Guns. The seller presents the firearm and his/her identification. The weapon is entered into the Firearms Log Book. The purchaser then presents his/her identification, and fills out the ATF Form 4473. After successfully passing the required background check, the parties exchange the firearm(s) and exchange a Bill of Sale (See this link if you do not already have one

 Pay Pooler Guns the transfer fee
If the buyer is denied. There is no sale and the seller fills out the ATF Form 4473 and the weapon is returned upon passing the background check.

No Fee
If the buyer is put on Delayed status by ATF, Pooler Guns will retain the firearm(s) until the background check clears, or until more than 3 Business days, not counting the date of submission, has elapsed. If the seller changes his/her mind about the sale during this time period, the seller shall cancel the transaction and do the Form 4473 to reclaim his/her weapon.

All Gun Control Act of 1968 , National Firearms Act of 1934, State, Federal, Local laws and rules apply.