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Pooler Guns can provide a lot of insight when it comes to scopes. The type of scope you need depends on the kind of target you plan to shoot. No point in over engineering your rifle or sidearm with an expensive scope too cumbersome to learn and use. You want the right tool for the right job.

Although we can order any scope for your pistol, rifle or shotgun, we’ll provide you with our best recommendation whether it be for home defense, hunting or target practice.

We carry FLIR Systems thermal scopes, Leupold, Night Optics, to ATN day / night vision compatible scopes. We can special order EOTech Holographic Sites, Aimpoint Red Dot Night Vision Compatible, BSA, Simmons, Burris, Bushnell, and Weaver.

With the right handgun or rifle scope, you eliminate the need to focus on the front sight. With a correctly mounted scope you completely eliminate the inaccuracy of a short sight radius. All that’s left is you, the crosshairs, and your target. Some scopes can take a beating while others are more sensitive, expensive and take constant calibration. Whatever your need be it practical home defense or long range, let Pooler Guns help you with your decision.

Aimpoint or Eotech Scopes Video

This is a perfect example of the pros and cons between Aimpoint and EOtech. Both are phenomenal rifle scopes but again, it all depends on your situational needs.

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